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We rely on a Strong Vision, Professional Management and Family Principles

HOPI HOLDING is a family company run by a team of professional management. The holding provides a background knowledge, stability, common values, and the ability to share services and information to its subsidiaries.

Organizational Structure

Our Subsidiaries

Part of the HOPI family are leading companies in Central Europe operating in the fields of: logistics, food industry and agricultural production.

Career at HOPI

HOPI HOLDING combines the atmosphere of a family business with the career opportunities of an international company. It is giving you the opportunity to work in different positions in the logistics, food industry and agriculture industry in several regions.

List of vacancies


Life is not all about work. Therefore, across all our companies in the holding we are trying to create the most ideal conditions for our employees so that they can enjoy a quality fulfilled life. At HOPI HOLDING, we want our employees to feel satisfied at work, love their daily job, and provide them with a dignified livelihood.

We strongly support the feeling of trust amongst our employees; therefore, we create many corporate events and social projects to help build our work community with positive energy, loyalty and trust among all.

Corporate Culture

We cultivate our relationships and we spend time together, even after working hours.


Social Responsibility

For a long time we are supporting socially beneficial projects.

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