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Social Responsibility

In accordance to our corporate values we are committed to supporting projects about which we are convinced. As part of CSR activities we have supported the following projects, for example:

HOPI Czech Republic

  • Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov – Annual Support of the Folk Festival
  • VŠE – support of the Faculty of Business Administration
  • Church of the Three Kings and Rectory Stanovice – Reconstruction
  • Theater.cz – German Language Theater Festival
  • Czech Institute of Egyptology – Research in the Western Desert
  • Siriri – Support for SAR training
  • Flood 2013 – Material Assistance and School Repair
  • Jarmila Piškaninová Foundation – building a nursing home
  • DaDa Plus – Prague Chamber Orchestra
  • St. Vitus Cathedral – the restoration of the altar


  • Czech athletic union – support of children's sport
  • HC Energie Karlovy Vary – support of the ice hockey club
  • Aqualand Cup – support of the sport of handicapped children
  • Klokánek
  • Asociace kuchařů a cukrářů
  • Music Festival for Children Jarní petrklíč
  • International Music Festival in Český Krumlov
  • Gladiator Race
  • Primary and Secondary Schools Toužim

Otročín Farm

  • Otročín village – annual alley planting in Otročín
  • Nature Conservation/ Protection Agency – Helping formating the biocorridors and protection features in the landscape
  • Flow management – revitalization of watercourses in Otročínsko
  • Easter pond – taking care of a farm owned pond, a national natural heritage site with protected species, among others, it is one of the few localities where the Moor Frog lives, and which colors blue around Easter
  • Repair of sacral monuments in Otročín

HOPI Hungary

  • "Kertváros" Social Center – Christmas gifts for 37 families
  • "Tátika" Kindergarten in Gyál – toys for preschool children
  • "Noé" Animal Rescue Center – dog food for the dogs in shelter

HOPI Poland

Bottle Caps Charity

Our former employee Agnieszka Zdanowska came up with an idea of collecting the bottle caps for a boy who needed the new wheelchair. We were so happy to help him.

Currently we are collecting caps for a three-year-old boy Kacper who struggles with a refractory epilepsy so he needs a special care.

There are many ways to help and thanks to Agnieszka we found one. Hopefully we will involve more people in the ‘’Bottle Caps Charity.’’

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