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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of the company HOPI HOLDING a.s. defines the basic values and principles of the company and its employees emphasizing the high moral standards. It is based on a sense of responsibility towards business partners, employees, future generations and the environment.

The full text of the Code of Ethics

The values of Piškanin business family

  • As shareholders we think and act as a strong family that is united and thus acts outwardly.
  • The principles of a Christian society are fundamental for us, modesty is assumed.
  • We try our best to be a role model for the next generations of our family. We have to work hard and be ready for a great deployment. The brand is our passion.
  • We act together as equals.
  • Our motto is, "The future needs both the present and the past".
  • We do not want to achieve short-term profits at the expense of long-term and lasting success.

Our family holding values and goals

  • Our mission is to "Provide customers with such a service to make them feel proud of being our partners".
  • Maintaining a long-term and independent ownership of the Company's business as a family company. We do not wish to nor do we seek any investors or strategic partners at the Company level.
  • The company has to grow constantly and be managed profitably to become a leader in the relevant business segment.
  • Independence from banks and other external investors; keep profits in the Company as much as possible, reduce dividend payments, and aim to grow from its own strengths and resources.
  • Passion: We are characterized by joy and enthusiasm ("our heart beats for what we do")
  • We work as a team.
  • Respect for others.

We comply with the legislation, internal and other regulations

  • Ethical principles and respect for the law are the basic principles of our behavior and Corporate Culture.
  • We comply with the provisions of all applicable domestic and international laws and all relevant standards and regulations.
  • We behave as a Social Responsible Company.
  • Any actual violation or suspected violation (as well as any attempted violation) of relevant laws and regulations must be reported to the Company Management.

We appreciate our employees

  • Relations with employees and among them are based on respect for the human beings and respect for their human rights.
  • We do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  • The standards in our relationships with employees are always the procedures and conditions determined by law.
  • Our employees are properly remunerated for their work performance.
  • In relation to our employees but also in relation to the public authorities we fulfill all our statutory duty to inform.
  • We do not resist complaints from our employees or other people and we deal with these complaints responsibly.

We take care about safety and health protection

  • The safety and health protection of our employees is our priority. We create the most favorable working conditions and we ensure that all work activities are realized by safety procedures.
  • We regularly train our employees and lead them to work safely and protect health.
  • We provide our employees with personal protective equipment in accordance with the legislation.
  • We consistently provide the assessment of the health fitness of our employees in the system of medical check-ups.
  • However, even if there is an injury or an accident our system of investigation and action will be applied to prevent the recurrence of injuries or accidents.

We appreciate our business partners

  • We build mutually beneficial relationships and promote our values and business principles when dealing with our business partners.
  • We treat all information and data as confidential (except those publicly available) and these may not be used for personal profit.
  • We respect intellectual property rights, interest in maintaining the confidentiality about business secrets and other confidential information.
  • We protect the information to the extent provided by law, contracts with business partners and business ethics.

We condemn any displays of corruption

  • We acknowledge zero tolerance for offering or accepting bribes.
  • Our employees are strictly guided to refrain from any corrupt practices; no one will require or accept any performance in exchange for providing or promising to provide any benefit nor offering or providing such performance in connection with work done for our Company, on our behalf or with the reference to our Company.
  • We avoid all contracts that could lead to any conflict of interest between personal activities and business, or imply it.

We are protecting the environment

  • We make efforts to protect the environment.
  • We minimize the release of harmful emissions and waste into the environment and the use of scarce resources (energy, water and raw materials).
  • We strive to reduce the environmental demands of the services and products we provide.
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